Aectekpower team has extensive experience with PSU and adapter solution for different Desktop/Workstation and industrial applications ranging from 100W to 1000W output.

Aectekpower PSU has the proven track of quality and innovation which exceeds customer expectations. Our customers demand and deserve the highest quality of products with cost effective solution and custom design.

Aectekpower power supply has class leading efficient design that meets ECOS 80PLUS standard of Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum level.

Extensive features such as fan speed control, thermal management, and low acoustic performance also part of Aectekpower PSU design which always guarantees a premium quality of our products."

In the effort to be part of environmental-friendly partner, Aectekpower products comply with several key environmental standards, such as ROHS, Halogen Free, energy start, Blue Angel and various energy conservation requirements,such as ErP, CECP and more around the world."

Customer Satisfaction, Excellence in Execution, Innovation, and Integrity are the guiding principles, commitments, and beliefs of Aectek Power Technology. These values are applied throughout the company’s daily business operations and management.

Customer Satisfaction

Customers are the ones who sign our paychecks. Identifying their needs and understanding their markets helps us create maximum value for them.

Excellence in Execution

First movers in the market always capture the value of future trends. Formulate strategies accordingly and execute effectively in advance of competitors.